You see, Kim Wilde can laugh!

Kim Wilde won’t usually go on a photograph laughing out loud. No, even a small laugh isn’t there for a photographer. Kim doesn’t do that, period. Unless… something very special happens!

For a short week Kim was in Spain on holiday, when she was called back for an important performance on English television. She wasn’t too happy about it, because getting a tan on the warm sands in the hot Spanish sun couldn’t last long enough for Kim! But it’s work before pleasure and television before that. That’s why Kim arrived a bit unhappy in the BBC studios. Her mood changed when she met a famous colleague and housefriend, Gary Glitter. “I know him through my father, who is also an old rocker. Marty Wilde and Gary used to perform together.” She loved seeing Gary after some time again, also because Gary is always a funny man.
“I have never seen Gary other than happy and funny. My father has said to him once that he should be a comedian, but he preferred to keep singing. Gary is a lovely guy. I was very happy that he was the one I did that “Pop Quiz” with. Especially then, because, you know, I wasn’t in a good mood.”
And what no photographer has done before, namely to get the always seriously looking Kim laugh in front of the camera, Gary Glitter succeeded in. And how! Because Kim laughed to no end. It all started with a question the BBC interviewer asked Gary Glitter, Kim remembers. “I believe the man wanted to know something about our hairdo. There was a barber involved anyway. Gary answered that he once sat in a tree and two friends wanted to play a cardgame with him. They needed a fourth player. No worries, thought Gary, he would go and look for one and he climbed out of the tree. After having walked through the forest for some time he met an egg. “Hello egg”, said Gary. “would you want to come and play cards with me?” And you know what the egg answered? “I prefer to take a raincheck, because I’m on my way to the barbershop”. And Kim laughs again. “I laughed so hard. Such nonsense, I love it. Gary did it for me. He must have felt that I was in a bad mood. He made up for my holiday cut short!”

So Kim isn’t going back on holiday?
“You guessed it. There’s no time anymore. I am busy promoting ‘Love blonde’ and recording the new album that should come out in November. We have nearly got it together. It will be next year, that holiday, but I won’t tell the record company where I am then!”