A small fever with big ice

Kim Wilde sang, the band freeze, the front row digged, the back row stayed cold. But there were still three thousand of us – and the beautiful Kim forgave everything.

This evening has been awaited for two years. Has been desired and prayed, thought and deceived. But finally, Takku, a beanie, familiar from TV, announces the beautiful, talented and famous Kim Wilden on the stage of the Helsinki Ice Rink.
Checkered love. What’s bothering Kim? The sound doesn’t go properly, the movements on stage are uncertainly fumbling. Water on glass. And what exactly do mixers think they are doing? The backing chorus roars triumphantly, night and night.
Okay, okay, it is believed off that going is now more rocking than before. At least the songs are performed faster than on records. And Kim jumps and jumps, one two one two. Sexy Marilyn or fierce Joan Jett? An adult young woman or little girl fluttering? Loudly, sadly, little girl. It would be best to shout all the time, then there is the old familiar taste of metal. And yes, fans who have stayed in the front row will enjoy themselves when they finally get to see their idol from a couple of meters away. There is nothing wrong with tight black pants, lace shirts and leather jackets per se. Not only does the heavy rivet belt pull the pants down, and Kim doesn’t like to look pretty at her navel.
The little lovely-to-be-here speech opens up the sound to the point that the novice rifle’s House of Salome and Shoot to disable convinces at least that Kim herself is better than her backing band. Kim proudly presents: Gary, Steve, Mark, Boris, Ken and Jeff, my sexy husbands.

But that’s not enough. The ice rink is big, the girl is small. There is smoke coming from the side and Kim is about to jump off the bridge. View from a bridge, this is what he practiced secretly! And now it dances in the dark Dancing in the dark is a really catchy song. Kneeling in the ice rink is not far from effective, but oh boy, yes the disco would be exporting! More smoke, handshake, Cambodia is by no means a copy of Ami Aspelund’s Fantasy. If the venue had only arrived at this stage of the concert, there would be no complaints.
But when just over ten songs went in the style of Kim singing one song, the band plays another at the same time and the mixers mess up the third.
But you have to start somewhere, practice when you make a master. Let’s list the reasons for the dilution of the concert: Kim has a runny nose, Kim is still young and inexperienced, the concert venue is too big, the band is a bit bad. Kim is nice and beautiful, cute and sympathetic.
And its Love Blonde video pleases the eye, the ear, the imagination. And cast as an extra number, Kids in America proves that Kim Wilde hasn’t changed for the worse, but is still a harmlessly sexually screaming nose girl.

OK Fan Meeting

It’s not quite possible to meet a world star every day. Especially when the star has a terrible flu, a thousand million interviews and an evening concert. But 11-year-old Taiju Huovi from Espoo succeeded in OK’s fan meeting draw.
– Yes, I thought you were talking nonsense. But then I went to be asked by my mum’s friend Tiina Karonen. The cameras flickered and salted nuts were consumed as the press attacked Kim, who had a runny nose. Taiju and Tiina waited excitedly for their turn.
– Oh, but Kim is quite small and shy, we are not so excited now. We thought it would be more stellar.
True. Kim was dressed in her favorite clothes: black tight pants and a t-shirt. Hair fluffy, makeup accurate, nose red. And, of course, the thirteen-degree frost did not alleviate the situation.
But then Kim found a handsome thing about herself in the latest OK: Oh yeah, this was that interview, yes I remember. Say best regards to all readers, i.e. All my love to the Readers of OK. (The same greetings will be drawn in blue on white for the three lucky ones. Postcard just your own name and address and suddenly the mailbox by January 15, run!)