Better than Nena (but only in Germany)

When, less than four years ago, the humorous, rumpled rumour caught a rummy about American kids, and the character of his owner filled all the front pages in the world and the environment, the men just said ah! and fall unconscious.

After various wrinkles, under the slogan “Being gorgeous in modern”, in the late Seventies healed from every little girl and little boy uttering fear in the bones, the people wanted a puppet, and mom and daddy Wilde just waited to pick their hidden trump.

Two albums later, when the overwhelming majority of men concluded that sometimes they prefer blacks and chose Nena, there was a very important question about which Wilde-family proved to have to think long and hard: how the hell are you kidding this bloody Nena and our dear ladder and sister to regain the lost children?

“Love blonde” was a good song, but nobody, who wanted to satisfy their curiosity about Kim’s bottom extremities, did not climb to the legs that were extra, inexorably. The album “Catch As Catch Can” has not gained the liking of traditionally unpleasant ruthlessness, and it exaggerates that the audience could not forgive her this time she did not show anything else, so she was singled out. The Englishmen still agreed to Nena!

To make life not so tedious as it sometimes seems to be, the Germans took care of her: they have forgotten the “pride of their nation” and are more in love with Kim than ever! The story will, however, be complete only when the new record (soon!) arrives to us and we, resting and nudging, give us an expert opinion on the whole thing. Until then, enjoy the front page.