Design your outfit for Kim Wilde

Now is the time to make your dreams come true! Suosikki invites you to do something with unpredictable consequences!
In England a trio designed costumes for Kim Wilde, and she posed in a variety of costumes!
Now it’s your turn! Let your imagination fly, put everything to the hood – and maybe that’s you design your costume will charm the world Kim’s above! Read the rules carefully and put your socks up!

Competition rules:

  1. Take out an A4 size white paper.
  2. Color according to your sketch and label alongside the intended design (fabric types, leather, Plastiikki, etc.).
  3. Each competitor may send a maximum of two (2) propositions.
  4. Mail your suggestions to us no later than the competition deadline 30.4., send to Suosikki, “Kim Wilde asukilpallu”, 00002 Helsinki 200
  5. Include your name, address, phone number, and age.
  6. Suosikki has put together a professional jury which will select five of the best works of those who are sent in to be sent to Kim Wilde in London
  7. Kim Wilde will select the winner.
  8. The winner’s costume will be manufactured by Blueman Ltd for Kim, who will be posing in the new design for the disclosure of the result.
  9. Suosikki presents the winner of all entries with an additional 500, -.
  10. Let’s go!