Father foots the bill as Kim puts on the style

Kim Wilde’s new glamorous image may be costing a fortune – her father, Marty, is surrounded by bills – but it is certainly pleasurable to see this lovely girl in her stunning wardrobe.

She’ll be looking fetching on WOGAN (tonight, BBC1, 9.20), singing her current hit The Second Time, composed by Marty and her brother Ricki. Terry’s other guests are Berryl Reid, Gore Vidal and Rabbi Lionel Blue.

Next Monday Kim, 23, has a record album released, Teases and Dares, which includes two of her own compositions.

“My songs are retrospective”, she says. “They express my feelings over the years, my emotional development.”

Kim’s changed image corresponds with her leaving the family home in Hertfordshire to set up flat in St John’s Wood. She has a boy friend – saxophonist Gary Barnacle – but they don’t live together.