Flash Interview

These days you are making a comeback with the single “The second time” and the album “Teases and Dares”. Why did it take so long?
There are two reasons for this. First, I changed the record company, which was not easy due to the complicated contracts. And secondly, I worked on my own songs, two of which will be heard on the new album. They are the first real original compositions of my career.

What are the names of the songs and what are they about?
“Shangrila” is a magically inspired title that deals with the paradise that every person dreams of in his own way. “Fit in” is a much more real song that I wrote after my first few weeks in my own apartment.

Is it true that you also have a political song on the album?
Yes, it’s called “Suburbs of Moscow” and is even my favorite title. The text deals with the dichotomy of young people in Eastern Europe who have to live under the communist dictatorship but who wear their jeans and T-shirts from the west in the evening to demonstrate a little freedom.

What are your plans for the near future?
I just finished my video for “The second Time” and now I hope that the song will find its way into the hit parades. If I make the top ten, I would like to go on tour this year!