“I wanna crack America”

Her new single “Second Time” has just been released, and her new LP “Teases and Dares” will be released in early November. For a long time it would have been quiet around her, now she is back. Where was she? What are their new plans? What does she think of “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”? In a conversation with Conny Crämer, KIM WILDE gave a surprise.

“Things have changed a lot,” Kim begins. “We were not signed by any record company for a long time, but now we signed up with MCA and we were not able to expand the success we had with “Kids in America” in the States for contractual reasons In America, which particularly appealed, and I would like to get out in America, because America is very important, not least for the record company – financially.”
Kim WIlde has not only changed the record company since January, but also recorded a new album and also worked as a songwriter. “Until now, Ricky and Marty (brother and father) have always written my songs, and when I came back from our last tour in December, I decided to write my own songs. We have our own studio at home, so I was able to experiment as I wanted. Besides,” Kim added, “I did not want to wait for a hit on my table, I wanted to be creative, write my own hits, not necessarily hit singles, but they should be at least good. It’s mostly my personal comments on everyday things.”
A kind of diary? I asked.
“No, not directly, I deal with something and give my opinion.”

We continue to talk about this and that, finally, we come to their idols to talk about Frankie Goes To Hollywood. As you may know, Frankie is not very popular in the scene and the groups, because they are said to be unable to play and only want to make ‘big money’. “I love Frankie Goes To Hollywood, they are fantastic. Holly is the real star, I find it exciting, so attractive, and many people will copy FGTH now because they have had so much success. So much money that they could breed sheep on New Zealand, but they certainly do not want that. Frankie’s best is yet to come because they can afford to experiment with their sound. “

What does Kim think of Frankie’s producer, whose name you do not dare to say today without a horrified face? “I would love to work with Trevor Horn.” Kim whispers, then starts to get excited. “They’re all against Trevor, because he’s so good, nobody is as good as him, they’re jealous because the best of the charts always comes from him, working with Trevor would be fantastic.”

But this desire is first in the future. What are their current plans? “A lot of work,” sighs Kim. “We’re going to work on our live act because maybe we’ll come to Germany by the end of the year, and we’ll go to America the next year.” The most important thing for me, however, is to write songs, much more important than America.”
Good luck, Kim!