I’m just Wilde! : Marilyn relaxes with Kim after Boy George row

Moody pop star Marilyn, who has again fallen out with Boy George, yesterday poured his heart out to singer Kim Wilde.

She consoled him when the two relaxed at a television pop party. The cause of Marilyn’s heartache? George’s new gender bender mate Gemma.

The pretty pair are reported to be “very close”. But Marilyn, dressed in a white jump siut, bitched “George’s dogs have some strange friends.” Then her broodily talked of Gemma’s dress, ripped when he was set upon by thugs.


“If I’d bought a dress like that, I’d want to get it torn”, said Marilyn. “I buy much better dressed.”

Drag model Gemma – real name Paul Dawson was first seen with the Culture Club singer at one of Frank Sinatra’s concerts last month.

Gemma said: “I fell for George in a big, big way as soon as I saw him and I’ve adored him ever since.”

George’s friendship with Marilyn goes back years – but has been a stormy relationship. Now Marilyn is simply wild about Miss Wilde. Strictly as an understanding friend, of course.