Is Kim Wilde afraid of the future?

Perhaps Kim Wilde looks a little fearful and unsure, but from the inside she is beaming! “I have no reason to be afraid of the future”, she says selfassuredly. And even getting older has its benefits for her….

“I think it’s all really exciting”, Kim Wilde laughs, when we discuss the future with her. “And I like to fantasize about what the world will look like in twenty years from now.” Kim squints, as if she can see better like that, and continues slowly: “I think we will have regular contact with other planets and their inhabitants. And I think we will have made huge progress in technology. There are already compact discs and laserdiscs, but there will be loads more things by then. And I think those changes will also influence pop music! In what way, I’m not sure, but it all seems exciting to me.”

Kim nods as if to strengthen her words and grins: “It all seems a bit scifi right now, but I am interested in that and I like to watch movies like Star Trek and Star Wars and so on.”

When we ask if she doesn’t feel bad about being older by that time she shakes her head vigorously and says: “No, quite the contrary. Until now I have only liked getting older. You learn a lot and all the insecurities and frustrations that come with being younger fade away. I know all about that! I’ve had a hard time since I was 16. I wanted all kinds of things that I couldn’t yet do, such as driving a car and living by myself. I was really looking forward to that! No, getting older has its advantages and I don’t dislike it as a result.”

Being optimistic as ever, Kim ends with a smile: “I have a lot of confidence in the future and that’s a nice feeling!”