[Ivan meets Kim Wilde]

Writing, on the wall reserved for the covers of Salut!, Ivan found some friends who, before him, had a place on the front page. Ivan reserved the location for his first cover in Hello! He confessed that he would be very proud to be chosen.

Between José-Louis Bocquet (left) and Daniel Moyne (right), Ivan came to a halt on the photos dedicated to Kim Wilde, one of his favorite singers. he is right! He confessed that he would not be against a duet with the beautiful Kim, although he already had a pretty blonde in his life.

Ivan went to see Pascale, our charming and no less efficient secretary, and asked him if he was receiving mail. Smile of Pascale who handed him the last shipment, fifty letters of admirers. Serious to the end, Ivan decided to read them all.

Somewhere in the editorial staff, Ivan could not help but pose in front of this beautiful poster by Kim Wilde. Decidedly, he likes her. In the place of his wife, I would start worrying myself, especially since it seems that the Spaniards have warm blood.