Just you wait, we’ll be back!

Alas, Kim’s latest single ‘Dancing in the dark’ was a real flop. Not so bad for one time, but after almost three quarters of a year’s silence we are starting to get a little worried…

“Yes, we did have some bad luck lately”, Kim concedes, “but I’m not losing any sleep over it. I don’t like to be rushed by other people, because that would be harmful to my career.”
“Indeed”, father Marty adds. “Kim is a star, and not just here for a moment. If she would be successful all the time, people would tire of her. I know about these things, I’ve been in the business for twenty years. When an artist is too hasty, things can go wrong, and in the case of Kim that was a severe possibility. ‘Love blonde’ was not a big hit, and ‘Dancing in the dark’ didn’t even make the chart at all.’
‘But that was also because Tony Sherman released the same song a week before I did’, Kim adds. ‘He didn’t know that ‘Dancing in the dark’ was on my album as well. We just accidentally hindered one another.’

‘Oh well, better luck next time’, her father says. ‘I do like to write good songs for my daughter, and it didn’t matter if they become huge hits or not. It is more important to enjoy what we’re doing, isn’t it? Kim gets enough attention as it is. Her concerts are still sold out and her fans adore her.’
Father Wilde pauses and then says: ‘Maybe Kim is best compared to Diana Ross or the Rolling Stones: they don’t make hits every year, but what they do, they do very well. And that’s why audiences love them…’