Kim doesn’t let herself be caught

Finally it has happened: Kim Wilde has left her parents’ house and lives in her own flat in London now. All alone, without her steady boyfriend Gary Barnacle. Kim told us why she doesn’t want to live together yet…

“Lovely!”, Kim answers when we ask her how she feels now. “My only roommate is a big piano, one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when it became obvious that I would move out. And together we love it. I have given it a great place in the living room and we have made an agreement that we will write great songs together, haha!” Kim laughs loudly when she says these words. Then she continues: “But seriously, I don’t feel frightened or something to live alone. I always have people round. Or I go to a friend myself. Or I go out. Don’t worry about me!”
But how are things, Kim has a relationship with Gary Barnacle, the saxophone-player of her own band, doesn’t she? Why didn’t he move in with her? Kim shows a mysterious smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”, she teases. We nod. Then she explains: “I think it’s unwise to go living together with someone right from my parents house. I’m not in any rush. I think it’s better to live alone first for a while. You learn from that. On top of that… even though I love Gary, I won’t let him take away my freedom for now! Not yet, anyway. I love being alone. Because of my work I always have people around me.” When we ask Kim how she thinks about boyfriends and steady relationships, she has to think hard and long.
“I always try to let people be what they are. Many girls try to change their boyfriends. And I think that’s wrong. I don’t want to push someone into something, because I wouldn’t take it if it were me being pushed. I always think, as long as I let him do his thing, he will leave me be as well. But I do have high demands. I don’t let myself be caught so easily.”
We can imagine that not everyone can be ‘normal’ when he meets Kim. And maybe even just doing nice to her because she’s famous. Isn’t that irritating sometimes?
“Yes, it is”, she says. “I tend to run from such persons, because if I would make myself angry over something like that it would only serve to make me unhappy. I try to deal with everyone as easily as possible and that’s not always easy for me. Human relationships are about as complicated as it gets. A lot harder than singing and making yourself famous…”