Kim goes Wilde

Kims latest single is called “The Touch”. You can see her looking as sexy as in the picture on the right during “Thommy’s Pop Show extra”.

What are your plans after the performance in Thommy’s Popshow Extra?
My next tour will take place in february 1985. I will probably tour in Eastern Europe. In the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and then in Western Europe. In February and March.

Would you like to answer some questions by Bravo readers?
Okay, why not…

What do you notice first about boys?
His eyes. I want them to look right at me, when we talk. I also look if they are selfassured.

Were you ever kicked out of school or had to stay in the same year?
No. I have never let that happen to me.

Do you polish your own shoes?
Nobody else is going to do it for me. But I don’t let my shoes get too dirty anyway.

What TV programs do you think are worst of all?
Cartoons that are made for children these days. Most of the children’s programs are shallow, trivial and even deceptive. They treat kids as if they’re idiots.

Has praying ever helped you?
More than I know, probably.

Have you ever been to a fortune teller? What has she predicted?
No, that would scare me too much. I would never want to know my future. Although I do believe that our lives are planned for us up to a certain degree.

Name your best and worst characteristics!
The best: patient, hardworking, well-organised. The worst: impatient, sometimes angry, I always lose stuff.

Who has slapped your face the last time?
No-one has ever slapped my face.

From which singer/which group would you buy records?
Pretenders, Chaka Khan, Prince, Sheila E., Joni Mitchell, Olivia Newton-John, Grandmaster Flash, Dave Sawbourn, Donald Fagen, Malcolm McDonald.

Have you ever had fear of dying?
Yes, in dreams.

What sports do you do?
Squash (two times a year), swimming, dancing.

With which famous person would you like to drink a cup of coffee?
Robert de Niro.

When did you smoke your first cigarette and where?
When I was 18, at art college.

What do you think of drugs?
They’re boring.

What do you have in your handbag?
Throat tablets. And a Swatch, given to me by someone.

When did you last cry? And why?
When I saw the starving children of Ethiopia a few weeks ago.

What do you think of boys who wear make-up?
They’re usually gay. It does look good most of the time, but I prefer men who don’t wear make-up.

Do you have a good luck charm?
Yes. Myself!

Do you believe in life after death?
I would like to. But I have to admit that it doesn’t look like it.

Did you ever see a UFO?
Yes. I did a TV appearance for 2000 people, for WWF Musik, and some unidentified flying object narrowly missed me.

Do you collect things?
Records and personal things, given to me by people. I also collect my own records, but I don’t have a copy of my second album “Select”.

Do you remember your first love, and his name?
Yes. He was John Rosenthorn. I was eight. He was ten. I was not his type. He preferred older girls.

Are you vegetarian? If so, why?
No. I don’t eat a lot of meat, which, I think, is better for you.

How many times have you lied answering these questions?
Not once.