Kim loves Limahl!

During an interview with Pop/Rocky editor Dhana Moray Kim told a sweet secret.

When I meet Kim Wilde for an interview in Munich, she is tired. She covers her beautiful lips with lipgloss. Even without make-up and tired she looks beautiful. Does she have a boyfriend at the moment?
“Yes, he is younger than thirty and he works as a music manager. He also has his own band.”
Kim does not say more about it, because she wants to keep him secret. Still I ask her why he doesn’t perform with her?
“When you’re in love with one another, you shouldn’t also be working together. In my case it wouldn’t work, it would disturb the harmonious way we are together.”
Kim, you have had a long break. “Yes, but it wasn’t planned that way. We wanted to work on our new LP ‘Teases And Dares’ in our new sound studio in peace and quiet. And suddenly time had passed, and we were still working! I believe that it has paid off though”, says Kim, who moved into her appartment in London a couple of weeks ago. “It was a crazy time. First the whole stress from moving, then having to buy new furniture and between all of that I had to compose new songs.”
It is understandable, that the sympathetic singer wanted to relax for a while. She flew to New York and visited some good friends there.
Where are your band members, I ask slightly surprised. “They are in the hotel, and if I know them a little, they are still fast asleep”, Kim laughs. She has to be interviewed an photographs, while the boys are still relaxing!
Will your fans be able to see you on the big film screen one day?
“I don’t think so. It seems to be too difficult. I am too timid to be a good actress.”
Kim’s frankness suprises me more and more. It is no wonder, that Kim answers my next question about her favourite stars with no qualms.
“There aren’t that many people I really like, but suddenly now I have to think about Limahl. He has a beautiful voice and is also a wonderful human being. I’ve already known him for some time now. Limhal was going to America and get himself some good song material there.”
What do you think of the current wave of crossdressers, for instance Divine?
“He was already wellknown in the London scene for some time. I have seen Divine a lot and I like his show a lot.”
Kim has ready woken up by now, and her eyes shine even more. I wish I looked like her.