Kim thought Nena was great

The first meeting of pop superstars took place behind the scenes of “Thommy’s Popshow” in Dortmund: Kim shook Nena’s hand for the first time. “Her ‘Fragezeichen’ song is super”, she says without envy.
Kim though that the band Trio, whom she met at Thommy as well, was at least as sympathetic as Nena. “They are funny types and they’re very talented.”
Kim herself is busy too: she started the new year in a circle of old friends from Hertfordshire in the snow: early on New Year’s morning she flew to Saint Doux (in the French/Italian Alps).
Whether her boyfriend Gary Barnacle was also there – Kim keeps silent about that another time. Since January 8, on Sunday, she is back at home near Regents Park (“I have been plagued out of the house – my sister Roxanne and little brother Marty enclosed my space”) and fully enjoys the nightlife.
On January 10 she was VIP guest at the last concert Soft Cell gave at Hammersmith Palais. Gary Barnacle, who played saxophone there, had given Kim the backstage pass. Both of them were seen leaving the hall arm in arm.
“Don’t meddle in my private life”, is Kim’s cool answer, when we question her in her brand new Big M Studio in Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire). There “Big M Productions” resides, consisting of mother Joyce, father Marty, brother Ricky, Kim and two guys called Chris and Nick, who help out Joyce in her organisational tasks. A friend of Joyce’s – Angie – helps out as head of the fanclub.
Kim’s biggest wish for the new year: she will finally start writing songs herself. First she will learn how to work the mixing desk and how to play the synthesizer from her brother Ricki.