Kim tries her luck at movies!

‘There are already enough rock stars, who have embarrassed themselves as an actor!’ With this qualification England’s rock lady Kim Wilde rejected the idea of appearing alongside Dynasty’s John James in the movie comedy ‘Brett vorm Kopf’. (See also Pop/Rocky 10/84). In the mean time Kim has changed her opinion about film projects.

For a French television film the 23 year old singer went to the Baleares Island of Mallorca. The place where the entertainment programme  ‘Passeport pour la forme’ was filmed was Porto Pedro. That’s where Kim appeared together with America’s film and aerobic star Sydne Rome, the French singer Sheila and other celebrities before the camera. The film with appearances of music, theatre and sports celebrities is to be broadast on July 5.

Kim: ‘Filming this has been a lot of fun! Sydne Rome and the other colleages have supported me throughout. I am happy, though, to be back in the studio in London. Here I can devote myself to music comepletely and record the last few songs for my new album.’

Kim Wilde fans have to wait until mid-Summer, before they will find a new album from the beautiful singer in the record shops.