Kim Wilde

There are three of them, they are young, they are students and they have just realized the luck of their existence. It’s not just anyone but a star of the song that allowed them to make a fortune or at least start climbing the ladder of success. Indeed, Kim Wilde was discovered some time ago a real fascination for the fashion creations of the girls Ayshe Yusuf 22 years old, Barbara Brush 20 years and Heather Alison 22 years. Pointing to discover the authors of these genuine little masterpieces of clothing, she took contact with them as soon as it was done. She then asked them to kindly draw an exclusive wardrobe for her. Delighted and enthusiastically enthusiastic about the project, the three young girls were executed without waiting. The opportunity for them to realize the dream of their life had just presented itself. From now on, these polytechnic students, residents of a northern district of London, have enough to fill their schedule… One of the sexiest and most prestigious models in England has graciously helped them to promote their designs.