Kim Wilde


One comfort for Ricky: Mr. Most loves his songs. He especially likes ‘Kids in America’. This track is released in January and shoots to the top of the charts in record time. Press, radio and television have Kim-fever. Journalists write about the blonde gift and speak about the ‘cool blonde’. Posters of Kim Wilde are in every teenager’s room. In short: a star is born.
In Juli her debut lp ‘Kim Wilde’ is released. The parts have been written: brother Ricky writes the music and and records the demos, father Marty writes the lyrics. Kim finally takes care of image and sings.
What takes others years, the Wilde family produces continually: hits! “Chequered love”, “Water on glass”, “Cambodia” – all score.
The lp debut is not short on granting wishes either: ballads, rock tracks, reggae-sounds… there’s a lot of variety and the musical trio understands their job.


‘Select’, the second album is released in May. The success recipe goes on. “View from a bridge” and “Child come away” in the charts. Again the LP gets positive reviews. Kim has done it again!
In Autumn Kim debuts on stage, after high public demand. Her debut tour goes to Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland and England. Different than expected, the artists does really well on stage.


Kim is awarded a Brit Award as number one female vocalist. Awards are hanging together with 40 discs in gold and platinum in the RAK Studio.
That’s where the Wilde album ‘Catch as catch can’ is recorded. The novelty is “Dancing in the dark”, second single after “Love blonde”, writtn not by brother and father Wilde, but Nick Chinn and Paul Gurvitz. And another treat: the mix is done by Nile Rodgers, famous from Bowie and Chic.


Is Kim’s first quieter year. In June the single “House of Salome” is released from “Catch as catch can” and shortly afterwards the long awaited album “The very best of Kim Wilde”.