Kim Wilde

At 24, she can already look back on three successful LPs and a hit compilation without having written a single song herself. So far, father Marty and brother Ricky have done this; the latter also took over the productions. But a lot has changed with the latest album “Teases and Dares”. “We changed the record company, which brought a breath of fresh air to the matter. We also bought our own studio, which is a lot: You have a lot more to do with everything, I have more responsibility and I’m more active, I’m from the beginning in the studio until the end and have an influence on the whole song. It is something completely different than singing on a finished playback. “

Finally: “I started writing my own songs.” She will present two of them on the upcoming LP, which was otherwise written and composed by the well-known duo Vater / Bruder Wilde. The previously released single “The Second Time” also bears the signature of these experienced hit suppliers with their straight forward beat and carefully coordinated, catchy synth riffs. Kim himself describes this style with the irreplaceable word instant when she says: “My songs are different, not as ‘instant’ as Ricky’s, but I think they are interesting. I deal with different topics a lot and tried to record and process everything around me. Maybe I’ll write a hit single myself, that would be a great success for me. “

For the time being, it seems, she is also very satisfied with her new LP: “It could be an album that people will still like in a few years!”