Kim Wilde – a ‘flashy’ trick

Kim Wilde, who this year has been projected, especially, through the single ‘Love blonde’, continues to make a point of dressing in leather suits, in a successful attempt to create a very own brand image. The curious and that she only uses this type of clothing in public acts, since, in everyday life, is unable to do so. She’s the one who says it’s a “flashy trick to sell.” KIM WILDE uses as a few all the artifacts of “exciting ioura” that is aware of the demands of a ruthless competitive market. The photos for the promotion of her discs are carefully selected, so as not to betray the sexy image that you want to impose.

Regardless of all these “skills” it must be recognized that KIM is endowed with a pleasant voice that would, in principle, dispense with the “exaggerations” of advertising. It is true that it assumes all these implications with the conviction that it is inevitable to succeed in the competitive market.