Kim Wilde: “A new life starts for me”

Four years ago, the beautiful and blonde Kim appeared in the world of discs, she was very frail and sang her first hit ‘Kids in America’. Since then, while collected successes (‘Cambodia’, ‘Love blonde’…) she gathered selfconfidence and maturity. Physically the transformation is evident. Kim has abandoned her girlish looks and chooses more and more the look more sexy but never too much so. And also, while she lived with her parents until last year, she has moved to an apartment on her own in the centre of London. “I wanted”, she says “to have a place of my own. In the beginning is was a little distressing to find myself in this environment but now I don’t feel bad. I organise myself well. I didn’t profit from my newfound liberty to get into a state of chaos. I don’t stay up until the small hours, I prefer to go out with my friends in the evening, at home or in a Japanese restaurant. And when I’m not touring abroad, I still pass a lot of time with my parents at home. The family ties have stayed as strong as they were before, they are sacred.”
Moreover, continuing in a direction which bore its fruits, Kim has asked for the help of her father Marty and her brother Ricky for her new album “Teases and dares”. They composed most of the songs on the album. But also, for the first time, Kim has proved that she wants to take her career into her own hands more and more. She composed three titles. “This time I launched out and I recognize that henceforth my ambition is to write for others artists. That must be enthralling!”
While waiting, Kim, who made a flying visit in Paris, set out again towards other countries and one murmurs that it could make a tour in our country soon. It will enchant her fans and one knows that they are numerous!