Kim Wilde challenges the whole world: ‘Don’t dare to walk all over me’

The past year was very important for Kim Wilde. She’d had enough of being under the wings of her father and Ricky. Kim wanted more than to sing and be pretty…

In the video for ‘The second time’ Kim experiences a few difficult minutes. In a hotel room some images from the past come floating in her mind. She has a scary fight in a deep hole and feels like she’s captured in a trap.
“Do you ever get the feeling of being trapped in real life as well?”, we ask Kim. The blonde singer thinks for a moment. “Sometimes”, she answers honestly, “especially in the old days. When I was angry with someone I didn’t dare to say anything. So I shut my mouth and didn’t stand up for myself at all. But that is a lot better now. I don’t let anyone walk over me anymore. Things have changed between my father and my brother and me as well. Because they had such a lot of experience in the music business, I didn’t dare to open my mouth and to come with ideas of my own. They arranged everything, told me what to take care of, etcetera. And I only said yes, because I really looked up to them. They knew what they were talking about!” Kim smiles fleetingly and says: “I got more experience of my own and wanted to talk with them and make more decisions with them. They weren’t used to that, so there were a few clashes because of that. I did feel caught in a trap sometimes. But I don’t give up easily so now I am where I want to be! For instance, on my new album there are a few songs I wrote myself and I’m really proud of that! But I’m not there yet”, Kim says modestly. “I have to learn a lot still. But I feel more confident than some time ago. And that feels a lot better!”