Kim Wilde in crisis?

Kim Wilde is totally unsure: the sweet girl hasn’t found a recording contract yet!

Hard to believe: although Kim Wilde was celebrated during last fall on her European tour and who was found high up in the charts with her LP ‘Catch as catch can’ and the most recent single ‘Dancing in the dark’, the singer is now without a recording contract! No wonder, that the Wilde family is not happy at the moment!

“There are negotiations for a new worldwide contract”, says brother Ricky, who has already written countless hits for Kim, “but the situation is really f**cked up!” Kim is hiding in the studio at the moment and doesn’t let anyone come near. She doesn’t know how things will happen! We just hope that Kim doesn’t feel too bad during this crisis. The fans are still behind her anyway! Most recently there was proof with the silver hammer-smurf she won during the latest election among Pop/Rocky readers.