Kim Wilde in doubt: ‘I feel struck by fate’

‘I am desperate’, Kim Wilde sighs. ‘How to go on with my career?’. Her otherwise soft voice sounds very bitter today. Kim flew head over heels to the Baleares to record a show programme for French television. But the blonde singer used the opportunity to make plans for the future with her brother Ricky. A working holiday.

Creative standstill

Kim Wilde has stopped recording her new album for a while to think about the future with her brother Ricky. ‘And I was very enthusiastic when I went into the studio’, says Kim. ‘After a few days I started to get a choking feeling. My voice didn’t sound like it should and I doubted continually about the quality of the songs. I thought I would feel better in my secret workplace but I have gambled wrong, obviously. I happily accepted the invitation to record a show programme here. I had to get out for a while.’
Do you have an idea how your new album should sound?
‘No. I don’t know which way to go. Does my audience like disco or should I go back to the rougher style of ‘Kids in America’? After a few flops the doubts are only getting stronger. When I got into the business it was going well. I enjoyed the success fully, travelled the world but never realised that the audience could forget about me. I fully realise that I have to come with a very good record now. Otherwise I can go back to home. I hope my fans will support me through these difficult times.’
‘I sometimes think fate is turning against me’, the blonde singer says later. ‘I have been able to taste success for a while but now it all seems to go downhill.’
But you won’t give up?
‘No. Ricky is my support in these things. He knows what to do and doesn’t panic when a single flops or does less well. We profit from this and we continually talk about the next step in my career. Ricky works really hard on the new songs and I try to get a few lyrics on paper myself. The day after tomorrow we fly back to England and then I go back into the studio until a new hit album comes out. Deal?’