Kim Wilde: “In the tent Roger kissed me”

Have you ever gone camping?
Yes, as a child. In Kindergarten we had summercamp in Cuffly, Hertfordshire. I felt it was great, to bake eggs and ham out in the open, to drink hot chocolate, to walk through the woods and to sleep in a sleeping bag at night. Fortunately I am not a difficult eater, as long as it’s not porridge.

What entertained you the most there?
The best were the midnight fires. With sweets and lemonade we were up during strange times. I even got a quick kiss on the cheek from a boy named Roger, whom I deeply loved at the time.

Where do you go on holiday these days?
I once drove through France, where I once was with my parents, in a car towards the Riviera. I like being independent in my own car. I don’t like sunbathing at all, because with my skin I have to be very careful not to get sunburnt. I always use lotion with a high protection factor. I prefer to watch the country and the people, like during my one week trip to New York. The Museum of Modern Art and the World Trade Center fascinated me the most. I also love Tunesia, primarily because of the couscous.

Do you do sports during your holidays?
Yes, once a year I go skiing with my circle of friends I’ve known since I was twelve. That is an old tradition. In the old days our girls school went to the Italian Alps together with the boys school, because our teachers were married. In Spartan hotels and bedrooms for six, where they gave us soup. But we survived, and now we still go there in the same occupation. It’s very funny, especially because of the shopping and the cooking together.