Kim Wilde never knows what’s been arranged for her… : every day is a surprise

If you would ask Kim Wilde today what she’s going to do tomorrow, she will probably answer: “No idea!”. Kim has grown accustomed to the fact that her life is full of unexpected events.

Twenty minutes late Kim comes into the photo studio. “Sorry”, she calls out, panting slightly. “But I just heard about this photo shoot an hour ago, so I have had to run!”
Kim knows to find her concentration and poses professionally for the camera. Between shoots she talks a lot: “I never know beforehand where I have to work”, she says. “Often you hear on the day whether you have interviews, or meetings about a record or a tour, or that you have to go to a photographer. I can not plan too much ahead.” Doesn’t think Kim this is the downside of being a popstar? She laughs and says: “No, that’s just fun! As long as unexpected things happen your life doesn’t get too boring. I was working in London the other day and then I heard that I had the afternoon off. I decided to visit a school friend who lives there. She didn’t expect me, but we talked about the old days over a bottle of wine. She remembered that I wanted to be famous when we were in school. Everyone in class felt it was weird because I was so shy back then!” She giggles, looks in the mirror while she adjusts her hair and says: “The next day I had the worst hangover ever…”
Kim says she is usually very careful with alcohol, doesn’t smoke and never does drugs. “When I am in the company of people who have drunk too much or have used drugs I usually get bored out of my mind”, she says seriously. “These people don’t listen to you and they are only concerned with themselves. I would find it terrible if people would think that way about me and so I stay away from that stuff. Also, it’s bad for your health. I need my energy on stage.”
This is the reason why Kim is training fanatically. She is doing aerobic and weight training. “Don’t you think I have great muscles?”, she asks our photographer and he agrees.
“The good thing about training is that it doesn’t just pick you up physically, but mentally as well. It’s as if your brains train as well. You feel very relaxed and think more clearly afterwards.”
And when the photographer looks a bit surprised after this statement, Kim walks towards him and threatens: “You better watch out! I have become a lot stronger as well!”