Kim Wilde questioned everything

Become a star, Why not, when her family belonged for ages to the world of showbiz, when you are passionate about rock, when you are beautiful, English too. This is what happened to the lovely Kim Wilde in extraordinary destiny. Kim indeed, is climbing in the ‘charts’ and is a great value. Today, with his father and his brother Ricky Marty, she started a production house, their studio, ‘Select song’, the dream of a lifetime. Since inception, about a year ago, Kim was there, professionally, to work. Many things have changed. First, a change in size and Kim sings not alone but with a group of musicians she selected with care… She was in Paris to tell us.

Wasn’t it difficult to find musicians?
The selection was tough. Today I’m proven not to be deceived. On guitar, Steve Byrd, Chris North on drums, bass Steve Shern, sax Richard Blanshard. And because of this, my method of working has changed. It is now a true collaboration, we are a group, which adds a new dimension to my music. We have already recorded a new single, entitled ‘The Second Time’, which will be followed by an album very soon. I just recorded the programme of Sacha Distel ‘The Good Life’, and I’m invited to the ‘Disques d’Or’ programme as Guest Star, to award the prizes, but also receive one. But apart from this award, I was really the happiest of women, when I heard the cheers of the French public at the end of my concert.

You have been reported lately, in a magazine, to be flirting with Marilyn, the famous English pop star. What is this all about?
This is false. Marilyn is a very good friend, I love him because it is very original – you also could judge his look: hair very long, very blonde. His music is also very good. Well, no more, no connection. I live in my new apartment in London, finally, about a year. I live alone and I appreciate it!

Your production house, it is a turning point in your life. But you seem to have changed physically, too…
This is the age! (Laughs) Or rather the pace of work. It’s true I lost weight but I can assure you that I do not diet. I simply have no time to eat regularly, what I want is everything. I also do a lot of sport, which explains my very new look. I dance, swimm, squash, now you understand how I lost a few pounds?

Have not been able to spare a few moments for a vacation, for example?
I went twice this year but not for long. A week in Montreux, Switzerland, and another week in New York is a city that I love for its creativity. But I do not want to live there, I love London too, where all my friends live. But I try to go there quite often.

Did you do anything special lately?
Oh yes! I can even call it fear of my life. I was in Brighton, on the coast English, when I suddenly saw a group of skinheads pounce on me. I do not know if there is in France, but in England they are really scared: head shaved, leather… brrr! They are chilling, especially when they are chasing you! My impresario pushed me into a car, but they came, took the time to open the car door, one of them opened his jacket and … He had a huge bouquet of flowers for me. Like what, there was really no need to panic.

The price of fame, if you will. A glory that Kim gained rightly. She composes and sings beautifully. Add to that a breathtaking physique, and you will understand why she has now become a very beautiful woman, sensual and mysterious, a word that rhymes with rocker.