Kim Wilde: selfconfident and shy

After a pause of a year, the 23 year old music daughter Kim Wilde has a new LP and single out. During a short visit in Munich she spoke with Dhana Moray, who writes down her impression for Sound Check.

Kim, that is her, a wild cat, blonde. One does not sing like others do. People will say: this voice was never here! Udo Jürgens has to sing with his daughter and some time Paul McCartney will have offspring that will sing on television. Anyway, no 40 year old will have forgotten the times when Marty Wilde along with Tommy Steele sang.

Kim is shy, she is beautiful. She is grateful when she isn’t asked about a boyfriend. She is all too happy to say that she is now writing songs herself. Lyrics and music on her new LP “Teases and Dares”. At a pirate radio station in Munich she landed at no. 2 with her new single “The second time”. Is she surprised?

“Well, I’m afraid of men”, is the short and mysterious answer. “What’s important to me, are my keyboard lessons, and the new mixing table in our own recording studio. I’d love to get to know all the good musicians of this world, such as Keith Forsey, who used to ask 70 DM per take. He now produces Billy Idol.”

“I have had a pause for one year, as you know”, she goes on, “while my father and my brother didn’t have any great ideas. I am the daughter of a father who was once famous. He was on stage, doing rock n’ roll. I am really a shy girl. Then I have worked on myself and started to trust in myself more. It was really great in France, my first performance doing a live concert after my one year pause.”

How does she estimate herself?
“I will say something now that I’ve never said before: when I listen to the records I’ve made over the last four years, then I know I was the first. I will say just one word: cool. My voice was always cool, but I am not. And listen how they sing now: Sade, Apolonia, Vanity, Dalbello. To me that’s the future in music! I was cool, while I am shy. My band support me. They say that I move around well.”

With her band she is on the road and at the end of the year she will come to Germany. Whether she has an affair with someone from her band, just like Nena? “No comment”, she just says.