Kim Wilde the “BB” of rock

Do not confuse the two Kims: Wilde and Carne. Let’s talk about the blonde? Difficult, they are both blond! Rocker, then? Impossible, they both rock; so remains the prettiest, and this time no mistake, despite her tousled hair, it’s Kim Wilde.
It must be said, since the rock singers dress as women, that women give themselves a strange “look” (like Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, with her red mane cut in brush), we do not know very much well where we are. To the point of feeling a little surprised, suddenly, to meet a real singer, beautiful, with humor, gifted with a real talent and knowing the music.

‘I have no merit’, she says when all these compliments are reported to her. ‘My father and my mother were already in the business’.
Not easy, the girl who has been twenty-four since last November! English from Liverpool, the homeland of “pop music” and the Beatles, daughter of Marty Wilde, singer-rocker, who had hours of glory in the sixties, she exhibited with “Kids in America”.
With her, a whole series of singers landed in the racks of record dealers. It’s hard to make a name for yourself. ‘All the more’, specifies’ Brigitte Bardot du rock ‘,’ that, in rock, the image of women is not flattering. Say rocker and we immediately think of Nina Hagen and her provocative side! I am for soft rock’. She says it with a charming smile.
She knows perfectly well what she is worth and what she wants: 40 discs of silver, gold and platinum. The whole family works there: his father writes his texts, one of his two brothers composes music, Kim Wilde is a family production.

She admits that this reassures her:
‘The rock universe is a very hard environment, where you have to fight. I don’t know anything about it. I prefer to work my voice, to repeat rather than to play elbows in the studios’.
Which basically means that if Kim was lucky to be discovered and hired, she owed it not only to her talent, but also to her dad. Look behind the scenes: she plays admirably with her “fragile baby” air, with a muted, rather sexy look.
After ‘Kids in America’, there was ‘Love Blonde’ and ‘Dancing in the dark’, his latest hit. Identical success, fragile voice, good resonance. There is a “Kim Wilde sound” as there is the “Boy George look”. Kim, now that she has established herself in a solid success, on both sides of the Atlantic, dreams sweetly.
A boat in Bermuda, a man in my life, but who would let me lead my career as I wanted and understand me … A man older than me, perhaps …
In the meantime, with her first earnings, she bought herself a Rolls, then a fur coat. She doesn’t drive, it’s Dad who drives the sumptuous car and Kim, huddled in his fur, watches, delighted, parading the landscape. Image of woman-child? Yes, but beware, it will go very far. Didn’t we already say that she is one of the greatest rock singers.