Kim’s new lifestyle

Bouncy Kim Wilde is back on the pop scene after a year away, with a brand-new look and a new record, The Second Time. Here’s her all-new style:

CHANGES: Well, my body is different from the way it was. It’s much firmer because I’ve been working out with 40lb weights on a keep-fit machine. I’ve been swimming, running and playing squash all the time, so my body is much more defined now that it used to be.

HAIR: I’ve grown it long. I think it suits my face much better than it used to which was short.

FAVOURITE PLACE: New York because of the culture and because it’s so exciting and open 24 hours a day, I fell in love with the place.

FOOD: I love Japanese food, especially sushi – raw fish – because it seems so healthy and makes me feel so good.

COMING BACK: I’m not really worried. I have a very healthy fan club so that helps to stop me having sleepless nights.

HOME: I’ve left my parents’ home and moved into a flat. I have started writing songs and I wanted somewhere where I could make a mess while I was working without getting under someone’s feet.

LOVE: It’s a beautiful thing. But, seriously, my love life is the one thing I try to keep totally private. All I will tell you is that marriage is not something which is preying on my mind right at the moment.