Kim’s secret tricks

As exciting as in the video for the single “The second time” has Kim Wilde never been. She tells her beauty secrets to the Bravo readers.

What now – Kim Wilde in provocative Barbarella costume?
Yes. I want to shock the audience. All my fans know I wear second hand clothes on stage. But I don’t do that anymore. Right now I want to point that out to my fans.

So are you into the glitterlook now?
Anything that glitters and shines appealed to me anyway. The biggest idol I ever had was Gary Glitter. I wrote him lots of letters when I was younger, but he never answered them. I love diamonds, Christmas, gold glitter. I have lots of lamps and mirror for glitter effects in my home.

So you probably need an extra room for all your clothes?
No. Everything I have is hanging in my bedroom on one large and one small clothes rail.

Will you reveal to Bravo readers how you managed to lose so much weight?
Anything that makes you gain weight is food. And I don’t eat much, certainly not during the evening. I also do a lot of gymnastics. But the most important thing is food. One tip: don’t eat much and drink enough!

Do you have a certain diet?
No, I eat everything. But always just a bit.

What do you eat on an average day?
For breakfast normally an egg, fruit juice and a cup of tea. For lunch a salad or something. I love eating raw meat or fish. I don’t know why people think I am a vegetarian, now I don’t smoke anymore. A big breakfast usually replaces lunch. But I’m not very disciplined. It’s just the amount that replaces it, not the quality of it. Chocolate doesn’t make you gain weight, as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

What gymnastics do you do?
Jazz dance, fitness training and weight training, once or twice a week. I’m not too precious about it because I’m lazy.

Do you still jog regularly?
No. I don’t think it’s a good exercise anymore. I swim a lot and I play squash. When you do something every week it becomes boring.

Do you have a recipe against bad skin?
Yes, I use a face wash to clean my face, moisturising creme as well. Certainly at night. I clean my face regularly and always clean off my makeup at night.

Do you also place slices of gherkins on your eyes?
No. But I only use very good cremes, natural ones, not perfumed ones. I spend more money on cleaning cremes than make-up.

And when you have cake on a certain day, for instance your birthday?
Then I don’t eat at all the next day, just drink mineral water.

Do you know the lust for cola and hamburgers?
Yes. But I don’t drink cola. That isn’t good for my figure. I couldn’t stop my craving for hamburgers recently when I was in New York.