Popfoto competition: Win the smallest television in the world from Kim Wilde for you!

Yes, it’s true! You can put it in your pocket, this super exclusive mini TV which you can win this month. Kim Wilde loved it when she saw one! But we have more prizes: Kim signed 10 Popfoto t-shirts and gave 25 brand new compilation albums!

“Gee, I wonder how they come up with these things!” Kim couldn’t believe er own eyes when she saw the mini TV. “I thought it was a walkman at first.” Kim looks at the beautiful gadget and pretty quickly she’s found the right button to turn it on. Right away we see images of the English pop programme Top of the Pops on the screen. Right that moment Kim’s brother Ricky enters the room and says: “Sorry to disturbm but your new single is on TV in a moment, Kim!” That is an exciting moment for the Wilde family. Because the song ‘House of Salome’ has got to be able to turn into a hit. Lately success has eluded Kim somewhat. “I don’t know how that happened”, says Kim seriously. “Maybe the audience had grown accustomed to my usual sound. Anyway I’m convinced that we’re on the right track again with this single!”
Then she says enthusiastically: “Hey guys, look, it’s me!” Despite the small screen Kim comes across very well. She follows her own performance with eager eyes. After three minutes it’s over again and time has come for Kim to pose with the mini TV for our photographer. It’s astonishing really: when we don’t photograph her she laughs enthusiastically, but when the photographer points his camera at her, she looks seriously. “Yes, that’s my own style”, says Kim. “I’ve got the feeling I look best that way.” The photographs are made quickly. We ask if Kim wants to sign ten t-shirts for us. “Of course I will!” With a big marker she puts her signature on the shirts. Satisfied we pack our stuff, but before we leave Kim asks us to wait for a moment. She leaves the orom and within two minutes she’s back with a big box. “Look at this, here are 25 compilation albums to give away. And don’t forget to thank the prize winners in my name. Bye!”