Review – Catch as catch can

Kim Wilde gained considerable popularity in 1981, with some songs taken from her first album. These include “Kids in America” ​​and “Second Love”. In the year 1982 she released her second solo album and was named “Select”. She had to listen a good time before she was on the pallet. At the end of November, the last year, the third solo album of the girl came out, called her “Catch as Catch Can”. Before her performance, the song “Love Blonde” had a great popularity. The song is one of the best in the past year and gave a beautiful promise of a pervasive album. When listening to “Catch as Catch Can” it turns out that the color has changed from the last album. The songs are all in the same spirit and processing in the same category as before. It’s not enough, the album requires an as long adaptation time as the previous albums. No song is as good as gripping and “Love Blonde”. The first on the second side, “Dancing in the Dark”, was released on a small scale at the same time as the big album came out, but did not achieve the same popularity. The record runs through and leaves nothing left. that’s her fault. The album fails to catch the listener’s attention and forces him to play the album again and again, to investigate the matter further. But, in fact, “Catch as Catch Can” is worth mentioning, and she offers one of the best songs of the last year, “Love Blonde”, and “Back Street Joe”.