Review – Teases & dares

With “The Second Time” Kim Wilde made a successful single comeback – with her new LP “Teases And Dares” she will probably do the same on the album area. Kim’s voice is the clear focus on all ten songs and seems much more mature. Not only is she a singer, she also works as a keyboard woman on the synthi on the two self-composed songs (“Shangri La” and “Fit In”). Sometimes Kim shows herself futuristic like in the “Bladerunner”, then again she lets her rock’n’roll temperament run free (“Rage To Love”). The aligning content of possible further singles is also clear. So “The Touch” and especially “Janine” will soon be heard as a 45. Overall, Kim remains true to her line of making brisk and intelligent synth pop with rock borrowing and may even be able to make a number of new friends with “Teases And Dares”. Another remark about the use of the guitars: Vintage pieces like a ’57 Gretsch or even a ’55 Gibson are now among the collectibles of the guitar freaks. Kim Wilde and her brother Ricki have to be credited with the fact that you can make pop music for the 80s with them.