Review – Teases & dares

Exactly one year after the “Catch As Catch Can” rhapsody now news from the Wilde clan. As always, the exalted songwriter team Mark and Ricky Wilde remembered his furious potpourri of driving synth epics and passionate-dramatic electro rhythms. “La Blonde” Kim garnishes her inimitably erect and sentimentally pregnant voices with this lively cocktail.

Kim Wilde albums have never been the symbol of innovation, and “Teases And Dares” are based on down-to-earth and at best show deviations in sound. In the new plant, parallels to the predecessor are unmistakable. Mark and Ricky Wilde still shape the song spectrum with their rhythmic disco beat and the ballad-like touch of motor skills. And Kim Wilde still accentuates the catchy dance numbers with their unmistakable charm and the constantly changing temperament of her voice.

One thing is new about “Teases And Dares”: The blond girl makes her debut with two original compositions, which in no way break out of the well-known sound alchemy of the Wilde clan. Kim has avoided musical flings and has striven for conformity.
But that doesn’t stop the thing. The fluffy pop songs have sweeping momentum despite their simple knitting style, and Kim’s voice is more exciting and stunning than ever.