Review – The very best of Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is a British girl who shot up in the starry sky about three years ago, the song “Kids in America” became a bestseller. She followed this with the song “Cambodia”, which became almost as popular as “Kids in America”, but since then nothing has been known from her. But here’s the album and it’s “The Best of Kim Wilde”, just like she’d had a lot of hits from a process of a decade.

However, this is unfortunately not protected. It is quite characteristic of such other class stars that when they have been able to produce something of a kindness, the dust from the old lumps and put them on the plate with the collar in the hope that somebody swallows it. This glory is given a name like “The Very Best of Kim Wilde”.
This is not a big disappointment for those who are interested in getting this shot, “Kids in America” and “Cambodia”, strongly buy those songs on small plates but let these albums land en route. This saves money, time and boredom.
Down to third division.