Salut! Les clips: Kim Wilde “Second time”

With “Second time” in a post-bombardment environment, Kim offers a message of love to us.

Poor Kim Wilde who cries, plagues, storms, vociferates against this unconscious, this blind man, this poor imbecile who loosely dropped her without asking for his remainder. And, she, the explosive bomb of rage, impotence and humiliation to the idea that he is likely to leave to far, to leave it never has, and that, without same taking neither time nor the desire to be turned over, to throw a blow of il behind! And unhappy Kim to howl so that it leaves him one second chance, that she agrees to try to reform their couple divided for the second time, “the second time”… No the thrashing, the horrible history sentimental that we have just lent has the dishevelled lioness is not, fortunately for it, which a fiction. Or less officially…
“Second time”, you all have already heard it on the small screen and on the radiophonic waves, it is the title-high-speed motorboat of Kim Wilde’s last LP. The video clip signed by Anglo-Saxon realizer A. Morahan does not want to be obviously as ground has ground as the theme approached… Kim poses her bags on the bed-spread with the last hues of the room of a ” Cheap motel “. Traditional cut New Hollywood style and Chanel suit psychedelic cut. In the center of an post-atomic arene, two characters with the behaviors psychotics face. Kim, more wild than ever, the fair hair drawn up on the head, a moulding combination making it more distracting than ever at the time of a belly dance, barbarian and devilishly sexy. Face has this howling lioness, tries to escape his influence. Undoubtedly the unconscious one which preferred to turn his back to her. Some special effects later, these universes paralleles, reality and its phantasmatic projection, break not to do but one more.
A clip high on colors and emotions! But the question remains posed. Will the unknown return into the arms of the forsaken singer? Perhaps a sequel in the following clip?