Success hasn’t changed Kim Wilde

“Many girls I know from my schooldays are still my best friends nowadays”, laughs Kim Wilde. “The fact that I am now a successful singer, has not caused any problems.”

“All my life I’ve had a tremendous antipathy towards people who become very stuck-up once they get a little famous”, says Kim Wilde. “It’s as if they suddenly feel they are too good to go out with their old friends. Sooner or later such people are bound to be very disappointed, because nothing is as fickle as success. A lowpoint in your career, as I’ve gone through once, may be a pretty nasty experience, it does open your eyes in that respect.”
“My best friends are girls I have known since I was in school”, laughs Kim. “Despite the fact that we’ve gone our separate ways, we never lost track of eachoter. Some of them have married, but we still meet every once in a while to go out. I’m always available for a cosy dinner or an afternoon of shopping. ‘You’re still daddy’s little girl’, they say sometiumes, and in fact they are right.”
“One of the girls is in showbusiness as well”, laughs the blonde singer mysteriously. “Not as a singer, though”, she quickly adds, “but as a cook. With a lot of groups she tours around, and maybe I will bring her along next time as well.”

“One of my worst characteristics is without a doubt my laziness”, Kim confesses to us. “If all depended on me, I would stay in bed all day. I just don’t like getting up early, and I plan any appointments in the late afternoon whenever possible. The highpoint of my laziness is that I prefer to take a bath rather than go under the shower.”
“The man I hope to marry one day will have to take these little things for granted,” she adds. “The time that I was dumped by a boyfriend is some time ago. I remember my first love vividly. I was six years ago, and in love with someone in my class. The braces I wore back then were the reason for him to prefer my friend over me.”
At the moment Kim has no time to look for Mr. Right. “I am much too busy”, she concludes, “but I have to admit that I think about it sometimes. The only thing I want is that he loves me, and has a good job. And I won’t ask him to like my music!”