Talk-show: 30 intimate questions for Kim Wilde

Last name: Wilde
First name: Kim
Date of birth: 18/11/60
Place of birth: London
Height: 5′ 5″ (1.69 m)
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Starsign: Scorpio
Education / Profession: Secondary girls school – A levels etc. – St. Albans College / Jobs in hospital etc.

What did you most prefer to play with as a child?
My chocolate machine
Who was your teenage idol?
Gary Glitter + Elton John
Your favourite animal
Your favourite food:
Japanese and Indonesian
Your favourite drink
Water / Wine
Which three personal possession would you want to take to a deserted island?
Radio / Cassette / Tent / Telex machine
Where would you like to live?
Where I’ve lived until now
Your favourite holiday destination
Everywhere, where my friends are
What do you collect?
The first and last record you bought
“Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Gary Glitter, “All night long” by Lionel Richie
What kind of music do you hear privately?
As much as possible
How much money is in your purse right now?
Not a penny
What person would you like to get to know?
I will say it when I’ve met her.
Which historical figure do you admire?
Elvis Presley
At which occasion would you want to have been present?
The parting of the waves
What human effort impresses you the most?
That humanity has survived surprises me the most.
What characteristics do you dislike the most?
unfaithfullness, prostitution of the mind.
What characteristics do you admire the most?
Honesty – it is the root of everything else.
What ability would you like to have?
I would like to be able to write good songs.
What status symbol do you like?
Have you ever been close to death? (if so, when?)
Yes, right now as I’m filling in this questionnaire.
Do you believe in God?
Is there any love story or film that’s close to your heart?
Nicholas + Alexandra
How long did your shortest love affair last?
One night
Love is…
a word I’ve often heard + never really known why people use it so much. I love mum + dad.
With which character of Dallas or Dynasty can you identify best?
They’re all plastic. I don’t identify.
The ideal home?
It has to be practical and tasteful like my apartment.
What do you dislike about yourself?
My naivity.
What do you like best?
My naivity.
What can you laugh about?
When Lenny Henry imitates Gladys Knight.