The astonishing confession of Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is preparing a new big tour through America and Canada. It may be besides that her tour ends in Europe. Which, obviously, would not fail to fill her many fans with joy. Before she leaves, one of our reporters asked her several questions. She accepted to reply to thenm… and with a lot of frankness. One astonishing confession will surprise you…

What do you think of your height?
When I was young I really suffered because I thought I was too tall. Not that I was extremely tall, not at all, but when I was in class I was the biggest of them all. It was a bit stupid because I fixated on that. I was obsessed with my height, I had the idea to always keep a little still so that I would be noticed less. It was horrible, I gave the impression to be on a diet all the time but that was equal for me, I wanted only one thing: to be like everyone. Today when I reconsider this, I realize that to be great is finally an advantage. People do not try to crush you too much. Unfortunately, I stopped growing at 13 years, and finally, I am not so tall only that. Do I have to specify that now, I would like to have some centimetres more?

It seems like you have a complex about your feet?
I was always worried about the size of my feet. Proportionally, I think they are too big. People around me mock me unfortunately because of this. And that complexes me still more. I would like as well to be able to say to me as this kind of detail does not have really any importance but it is stronger than me, I do get to that point.

Give us the secret of your hairstyle…
For a couple of years, I cut my hair myself. I started doing this in college when I din’t have enough pocket money to go to a hairdresser. In the beginning, I tried to copy the style of Linda, Paul McCartney’s wife. That was about five years ago. I’m lucky because my hair is quite easy to handle and it stays in place like I want it to. Iwash them with whatever shampoo: in general I use whatever my mum has bought for me. I cut my hair every two months. I often do not use a blowdrier, I just make my hair bigger with my fingers.

Tell us about your adolescence…
I hated adolescence! It was probably the worst time of my life. Unfortunately I hate reliving that time. I know that it’s difficult for most boys and girls, too. I remember I had no confidence, whether it was physically or mentally. I used to think I was overweight and that all my friends were happier and felt better in their skin than I did. I changed moods all the time and I was hyper susceptible. I had these terrible fights, mostly with my mother because my father was away so much travelling.

Today, when people compare you to Brigitte Bardot, what effect does that have on you?
Obviously I’m flattered. Because when you start in this business, people want to compare you to someone else. I don’t think I have much in common with B.B., but when people think I have the same sex appeal, I don’t have any objection to that. It’s nice to be compared to someone so nice and beautiful. It is always very pleasant to see one’s name affixed with someone beautiful. But I make a point of saying that I never did anything to imitate her. Like her, I have just the blonde hair and even that is not very natural, I acknowledge it to you: I colour them.

What are your tricks, your secrets of make-up?
I think that doing make-up too sophisticated doesn’t always work. Peronally, I prefer something original and decrete. I always use exactly five minutes for make-up when I go on television. Not because I don’t like it but simply because I don’t know how to spend an hour transforming your face with make-up. For the eyes, I use black shades or chestnut and kohl which I apply in eyeliner. I don’t like using lots of mascara because I do not like to remove it. On my skin, I just put some powder. I always take care about taking make-up off because a lot of beauty problems stem from problems with the skin. I use just a little bit of perfume, not too heavy. I hate people who use too much. I never use nail varnish because they are always very short. When I let them push, one of them always breaks and that irritates me.

How do you choose your clothes?
I try to choose clothes that fit me well. There are great ideas in haute couture, but they are copied to regular clothing lines as well.

What is your best memory of a holiday?
One year a two friends and me decided to go abroad. Because we didn’t want to do an organised holiday, we decided to travel through France in a van. It was great, a wonderful experience. I hope to do it again someday. Because I often think back to that.

Where do you find your refuge? The place where you are really at ease?
It’s without a doubt my room in my parents house. Everything in that place puts me at ease. Everything is according to my taste. The walls are covered in photographs of my friends because I love thinking about them. I also hang my favorite clothing on the wall. It always surprises, but I like it.

What kind of man do you like?
I mostly like men that are not so tall but not too badly built. I don’t like men who are too muscular, too tall or too short. Do not ask me why, I do not know myself but in any case it is like that.

Do you have a lot of friends?
Oh yes! They are very important for me. I think quitting school is sad because of that, because you get to miss seeing them always. Happily, I have retained a lot of friends from that time and I always have a good time when I meet them again.

Do you remember your first love?
I was nine years old. His name was Neil. I met him on school camp where I was with Ricky, my brother. I won’t tell you his family name because he might read this. But I can tel you that I was madly in love with him.

Would you talk to us about your current boyfriend?
I spent a lot of time without a boyfriend. There have in fact only been three or four boys who counted in my life. The problem when I get involved with somebody is that it quickly becomes essential to me. And when it is finished, I suffer enormously. After it is necessary that I learn to be strong again and it is long and difficult. But that is life…