The new Kim Wilde

The British lioness roared for the fourth time. “Teases and dares” is the title of her new album, announced by the release of the single ‘The second time’. Revelation. Maturity. Kim the incendiary now writes his words!

Battle-down battle in the Parisian editorial offices … Media effervescence. The noise runs at the speed of a trail of burning powder. The only one, the real one, the incendiary blonde, in other words Kim Wilde, is within our walls. Here in Paris! And the reporters of all hairs, the truffle erect in the wind, to try to find the perfumed track that will lead them to the feet shod with shoes of the flaming Kim. But to be a public figure does not imply ipso facto to leave her door open to everyone: curious, importunate, fetishist groups, reporters. Bitterly logical conclusion: only the privileged few have the honor to be able to infiltrate by a camouflaged service door to approach the star of their choice. In this case the prey of the journalists in mal of idols to interviews was called that day the Kim Wilde. And among the happy few that the english Englishwoman accepted and wished to receive, there was of course her oldest supporters of Salut!

Since her first hit explosion in the European charts in ’81 with ‘Kids in America’, the British lioness has scored in three albums the three stars needed to consolidate her status as an international star. Today a new white stone stakers Kim’s career: his latest LP ‘Teases and dares’, already announced by a promising first single, ‘The second time’. Upheavals: Kim reveals herself to be endowed with a sensitive and seductive writing. The reporters nibbled their tape recorder …

The album ‘Teases and dares’ obviously marks an important step in your career. You change record company and you turn out to be a talented lyricist. With this turning point, is it time for an initial assessment?
It is too early … I live in the present, towards the future and trying to make an initial assessment would give me the impression of putting an end to a certain period of my career. There are no cleavages in the chronology of my career, just a natural evolution towards a certain artistic maturity …

Why did you leave your previous record company?
Just because the contract that binds us had come to an end … And let’s say we had done everything we could do together. That was the best thing to do.

Does this change in label also correspond to a change in musical style?
I think this new album has a sound unmistakably different from the previous ones. But I do not think that the change of record company is for something! This would most likely be due to changes in our work method.

You work effectively in close collaboration with your brother Ricky and your father Marty, is it a choice or a necessity that this work in family?
This is obviously a choice. From design to mixing, we work in perfect symbiosis. But we are not clinging to each other to the point of choking us. So Ricky is working in a group in our city. Perhaps, besides, I should also try this kind of experience.

So far the complete creation of your titles was assured by others and, surprise, with this LP one discovers a new Kim Wilde, a Kim Wilde song writer …
It was a long time since I wanted to write. It is an important point, essential of my musical career in which I try to get involved as deeply as possible. Sometimes it is enough for the singers to be simply interpreted. But for me, although singing was my reason for living, it was no longer enough for me to interpret the creations of others. I have always had great independence of mind. To write was for me a need to assert myself as an individual. And if I had not acted I would have been frustrated all my life.

You recognize the influences?
Bowie, when I was very young. Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young … They are all excellent singers, but above all great authors!

Writing has therefore become a primordial activity for you?
I do not stop writing. It has become an exceedingly fulfilling obsession … I can write only things that correspond to me viscerally although beyond that I intend to write songs for others.

The writing has become more important than the scene or the studio?
For me, everything is as important. But it is the writing that I find currently the most rewarding. That does not take away from the fact that I always love singing so much … “

Beauty, voice of an angel, a fleece of fire, Kim Wilde adds to his already wide range of qualities a surprising literary talent. The microphone in one hand, the fountain pen in the other …