The secret world of Kim Wilde

You could say Kim Wilde’s got a real taste for the past. “If I taste something that I haven’t eaten for a long while”, she told us, “I really start feeling sentimental. The other day, I had one of those blob-shaped sherbet lollies – the sort that always drops off the stick before you finish it – I hadn’t had one for years and it really brought back memories.”

It’s not only sherbet lollies that spark off memories for Kim… “Certain records affect me in the same way”, she says. “Life on Mars by David Bowie is one of these. It takes me back to when I was ten years old or so, and I went to my first disco. They played that song all night and I dance my heart out. In fact, I won a quid in the disco-dancing competition and felt really chuffed!”

That’s not the only reason Kim remembers that particular night.

“Er… yes”, says Kim, looking a little shy. “That was also the night I got my first serious kiss. Yeah, it was definitely a memorable evening for me!”

Now let’s find out about her other memorable moments.

1. “Would you like to buy some lucky lavender?” ‘I was given this bunch by my granny’s neighbour. She told me it would bring me luck. Whether it does or not, it’s certainly got a lovely pong!’

2. ‘I always remember my first tour, the hustle and bustle and excitement of it all. This is the set order from that tour, that somehow managed to survive the ordeal!’

3. ‘Belt up!’, says Kim. ‘This was the other thing that survived that first tour. As I ran off the stage at the end of one of the shows, a fan jumped up and pushed this into my hand.  I didn’t have a chance to see what it was until I was in the car, zooming back to the hotel. I just hope the guy wasn’t arrested that night… I mean, his trousers probably fell down!’

4. This picture features two items from Kim’s Secret World… ‘The compact was given to me by an old boyfriend, who sat on my first one, which was plastic, and broke it clean in half!  Iasked him for a new, reinforced one.’ Kim’s other item is her panama hat. ‘This was my disguise, for walking around town in, but now it’s appeared in Jackie, I think I’ve blown my cover!’ Ah well Kim, that’s life, isn’t it?