Wilde about men!

Phew! And we thought Boy George had an acid tongue? Kim Wilde’s fed up being commented on by male pop stars in interviews. She’s decided to strike back by telling us exactly what she thinks of them.

Boy George
“He’s a very sweet person but his image doesn’t appeal to me at all. Initially, it was great because he was so outrageous, outlandish and shocking. Now, he’s just become rather tacky and boring. The pantomime character of pop – not my cup of tea at all.”

Simon Le Bon
“Duran Duran have made some quite good records but I find Simon rather unconvincing and affected. I was with him once and when he started chatting to me I was amazed to hear him saying exactly the same words I’d read ten minutes before in a magazine interview. Poor bloke – I think he needs a break. Send him on a long holiday, that’s what I say! The further away, the better.”

George Michael
“I used to like Wham! when they first started out. They were quite sweet. But now their act has become so overblown. I don’t know why George Michael is trying to build up this James Dean sort of image. He doesn’t need to do all that because he writes good songs that stand on their own merit. I don’t like that way he looks now, I really can’t see what girls find attractive about him.”

Michael Jackson
“He’s a brilliant performer. He looked a lot better a few years ago, though. He’s beginning to look rather skinny these days. I’ve never met him, but if you believe what you read, it appears that he’s losing touch with reality. Maybe that’s not true though, maybe half of those stories are made up. He hardly ever talks to the press, which I find pretty impressive. He just says everything he wants to in his songs.”

“I like that glam rock image. I used to love all the old glam rockers such as Marc Bolan, Sweet and Gary Glitter. I think Divine has some of their spirit. He’s got a tremendous sense of humour – real silly stuff that appeals to me. As a personality, Divine is far more convincing than Simon Le Bon. Maybe Simon should start wearing a dress!”

Holly Johnson
“I think all of Frankie look great – especially Holly. He’s certainly one of the most charismatic performers aboput at the moment. He’s very, very attractive. The nicest-looking bloke in this list, as a matter of fact. He’s not really the standard pop pin-up, but then I don’t go for that type of man anyway. Holly is far more interesting than all these other pop stars with gleaming white teeth, suntans and swept-back hair.”

Paul Young
“He’s got a truly great voice. I’ve met him a few times and I like him a lot. Aren’t you disappointed I’ve nothing bitchy to say? Makes a change, doesn’t it? Seriously though, Paul’s someone who really deserves all his success – he’s worked hard for it.”

“A great showman – very exciting. He was absolutely ridiculous in the film ‘Purple Rain’, but at least he was ridiculous with style! His image – sort of camp and butch at the same time, works well. I like odd combinations like that. By the way, I really meant what I said about Simon Le Bon in a dress. It’d do wonders for him!”