Wishing on a star

Three young students have made a huge hit with pop star Kim Wilde – and now they’re dreaming of fame and fortune.

Kim agreed to model for clothes designed by the trio, all students at a London college. And she liked their ideas so much that she asked them to provide outfits for her. The girls’ tutor at North East London Polytechnic Valerie Goodworth said: ‘The best way to market an unknown quantity like these students, was to attach ourselves to a well-known star. They were thrilled when Kim said yes.’

Kim, a former art student, was equally thrilled with the work of Ayshe Yusuf, 22, Barbara Brush, 20, and Heather Alison, 22. She fell in love with their designs and Barbara and Ayshe quickly made up four outfits for her to take on a European tour. Heather has produced two evening dresses ready for a tour of Britain.


Barbara, from Chingford, London, says: ‘This project with Kim has meant the excitement of designing for a star-customer, plus a great deal of discipline. It’s taught me a lot.’

Ayshe, from Twickenham, Middlesex, says: ‘It is wonderful that this project was actually used and wanted by Kim.’

The project has helped open doors for Heather, from High Wycombe, Bucks. She has been snapped up by top designer Murray Arbled.