Articles 1985

1 December 1985 To me, the little English ! [unknown] (France)
20 November 1985 Laurent Voulzy: “My days with Kim Wilde” Salut! (France)
18 November 1985 Kim Wilde: ‘The song of Laurent Voulzy? I like it!… And I’m very flattered!’ OK! (France)
21 September 1985 Sunny holiday memories from Kim Wilde Hitkrant (Netherlands); Joepie (Belgium)
11 September 1985 Kim Wilde: the queen of the arena Salut! (France)
1 September 1985 Kim Wilde: the cat-like one Cool (France)
26 July 1985 Kim Wilde: scared to death of Dracula Story (Netherlands)
13 July 1985 TV documentary about Kim Wilde Veronica (Netherlands)
6 July 1985 Kim Het vrije volk (Netherlands)
1 July 1985 Kim Wilde: “Touring is the best!” Girls et Boys (France)
15 June 1985 Kim Wilde: ‘What great fun it all can be!’ Look-In (UK)
4 June 1985 Kim Wilde: all the rage Beeb (UK)
3 June 1985 The most beautiful pop singer Hayat (Turkey)
1 June 1985 A woman of the world Melody Maker (UK)
1 June 1985 Yeahs and yeuks No. 1 (UK)
1 June 1985 Yeahs and yeuks No. 1 (UK)
31 May 1985 Review – Teases & dares Fort Lauderdale News (USA)
19 May 1985 Kim’s rock of ages Sunday Mirror (UK)
18 May 1985 Holiday, holiday, holiday Record Mirror (UK)
15 May 1985 Raging Wilde The Mail on Sunday (UK)
9 May 1985 Review – Teases & dares Rolling Stone (USA)
8 May 1985 Review – Rage to love Smash Hits (UK)
5 May 1985 String ’em up for this Nightmare Freaks show Sunday People (UK)
3 May 1985 Kim takes classmates on tour Mercury (UK)
2 May 1985 The Wilde one Daily Record (UK)
1 May 1985 Kim Wilde: “I need to be noticed” Poppis (Sweden)
1 May 1985 Prices Titanic Stripmagazine (Netherlands)
1 May 1985 View from a love blonde: Kim ‘the second time around’… Muziek Parade Magazine (Netherlands)
26 April 1985 Dusty heads back Daily Record (UK)
24 April 1985 “I’m game for a laugh!” Smash Hits (UK)
20 April 1985 Intimate details No. 1 (UK)
18 April 1985 Review – Rage to love Bravo (Germany)
16 April 1985 Kim’s wild fan [unknown] (UK)
8 April 1985 Lady at her peak Hey (Turkey)
6 April 1985 Kim Wilde is available again Veronica (Netherlands)
6 April 1985 Kim Wilde in the Rock ‘n’ Roll steps of father Marty Hitkrant (Netherlands)
6 April 1985 Review – Lausanne Le Nouvelliste (Switzerland)
4 April 1985 Kim on tour: fans stormed the stage Bravo (Germany)
1 April 1985 Kim Wilde: rock on! [unknown] (Sweden)
1 April 1985 Kim Wilde doesn’t want to be a sex symbol Het vrije volk (Netherlands)
1 April 1985 20.000 saw Kim! Wilde-triumph in Germany Bravo (Germany)
1 April 1985 Kim Wilde : The pout, always the pout Rocknews (France)
1 April 1985 Review – Kim Wilde, Stuttgart, Liederhalle Musik Express Sounds (Germany)
1 April 1985 Two extremes. Joan Armatrading: sensitive songs. Kim Wilde: catchy hits Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
31 March 1985 Kim Wilde is based on too little Haagsche Courant (Netherlands)
25 March 1985 Kim Wilde: a warned businesswoman OK! (France)
25 March 1985 Kim the star Le Matin (Switzerland)
9 March 1985 Kim Wilde intimate: ‘I am looking for the ideal husband’ Hitkrant (Netherlands), Joepie (Belgium)
7 March 1985 Bravo Star Album: Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
1 March 1985 She’s a love blonde… Kim Wilde Musik Spezial (Germany)
1 March 1985 Kim “fired at” with Teddy! [unknown] (Germany)
1 March 1985 Countdown for Kim Bravo (Germany)
1 March 1985 Kim Wilde can do magic! Popfoto (Netherlands)
1 March 1985 Kim Wilde: dangerous illness – and new tooth [unknown] (Germany)
1 March 1985 Review – Teases & dares Melodie & Rhythmus (GDR)
27 February 1985 Kim Wilde: The devil’s daughter Illustré (Switzerland)
25 February 1985 Angry rocker: Kim Wilde presents ‘Teases & Dares’, her new album Dolly (Italy)
23 February 1985 Kim Wilde: ‘You didn’t think I lived here, did you?’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
18 February 1985 Kim… who are you? They call her the ‘Rock Tiger’ Hey (Turkey)
14 February 1985 Kim: “I am hot for Germany” Bravo (Germany)
2 February 1985 Kim and Nik: ‘If only we had met earlier’ Hitkrant (Netherlands)
1 February 1985 Kim Wilde: ‘I always wanted to be on stage!’ Okej (Sweden)
1 February 1985 Prepare yourself: Kim Wilde is coming! Podium (France)
24 January 1985 Kim has to kiss a frog Bravo (Germany)
19 January 1985 Review – Teases & dares Billboard (USA)
10 January 1985 Riddle of ‘missing’ singer Kim Daily Mirror (UK)
10 January 1985 Winner at the BRAVO Otto election 84 Bravo (Germany)
9 January 1985 ‘You’re such a tease, dad!’ Popfoto (Netherlands)
7 January 1985 Kim Wilde: Barbarella ’85 Dolly (Italy)
5 January 1985 Is this woman ruder than Frankie? Record Mirror (UK)
5 January 1985 Kim’s much wiser the second time around Reading Evening Post (UK)
1 January 1985 SIN Profiles Safety in Numbers (UK)
1 January 1985 Bazar goings-on… [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1985 Bouncedown One Two Testing (UK), 1985
1 January 1985 The saga of the Wildes Numeros 1 (France)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde [unknown] (Belgium)
1 January 1985 Would Kim Wilde like to marry? Girls et Boys (France)
1 January 1985 Susanne Berndts’ masterpiece has made Kim Wilde Eighties hottest vamp Suosikki (Finland)
1 January 1985 Top Ten: Kim Wilde Linkup (UK)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde: goodbye to T-shirt and jeans! Rocket (Sweden)
1 January 1985 Breakaway from the clan? Rock this town (Belgium)
1 January 1985 Dreamdate with Kim Bravo (Germany)
1 January 1985 Rage to Rock tour 85 Popcorn (Germany)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde: the blonde bomber [unknown] (Germany)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde does fashion! [unknown] (Germany)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde adopts the French look Salut! (France)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde: “‘My’ Star Posteralbum is great!” Pop/Rocky (Germany)
1 January 1985 Kim has banned her mini from stage Bravo (Germany)
1 January 1985 Recent interview about her big tour: Kim steals from Elvis Popcorn (Germany)
1 January 1985 Star of the month: Kim Wilde. Family business in Rock [unknown] (Germany)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde: “These are ‘my’ boys!” Pop/Rocky (Germany)
1 January 1985 Stories from Kim Wilde’s tour life: ‘Show us your bum, Kim!’ Pop/Rocky (Germany)
1 January 1985 Excuse me, my mate fancies you… Smash Hits Yearbook (UK)
1 January 1985 ‘Dream record’ brings Laurent Voulzy and Kim Wilde together Joepie (Belgium)
1 January 1985 The third passion of Kim Wilde Boys et Girls (France)
1 January 1985 Kim and Ricky preferred to build their studio themselves Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
1 January 1985 Star Styles Jackie (UK)
1 January 1985 My family breed like rabbits [unknown] (UK)
1 January 1985 Kim Wilde Maxirock (France)