20.000 saw Kim! Wilde-triumph in Germany

Nine days in Germany, eight concerts in big cities with big halls, hundreds of kilometers in the tourbus and an endless number of interviews – Kim Wilde is tired, after the last notes of “Kids in America” in Munich, but “very happy”.
She wouldn’t have believed in advance that she would be so successful during her second tour in Germany. 20.000 concertgoers have cheered her in eight stations. But whoever believes that after this Kim will rest on her laurels, is wrong. From Germany she went on to Switzerland, to Paris and Den Haag. In her luggage is Kim’s favourite black clothing, which she has found again, since she banned the super mini skirts from her wardrobe. Plus the brightly coloured coats.
Not just her wardrobe, but also her band has successfully gone through the test. The blonde guitarist Steve Byrd, with whom Kim appears together during “Love Blonde” at the front of the stage, and saxophone-player Richard Blanshard, were part of the previous band as well.
The “new” bassist John Edwards, keyboardist Jeff Hammer and Preston Heyman, whose drumming let Kim jump around on stage, were popular with the fans from their stage debut in Hamburg until final station Munich. Mother Joyce, father Marty and brother Ricki were backstage, wishing her luck in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Kim was very nervous, as she admits afterwards.
“Although I love playing in front of my fans, I prefer walking away just before I get on stage. But I need the action. It’s the same with my videos. I love recording them, but I never watch any because I find them boring. There are so many of them nowadays that they don’t stand out anymore.