Bravo Star Album: Kim Wilde

The girl with the scrapbook-career: Kim Wilde

Her features: blond punk manes, big bluegrey eyes, super figure. But Kim Smith (which is her real name) hid them under black stage clothes, when she broke through in 1981 with “Kids in America”.
By now Kim, who got more selfconfident with every hit like “Chequered love” (81), “Cambodia” (81), “View from a bridge” (82), “Love blonde” (83), “The second time” (84) and “The touch” (85) and her live shows, dresses herself ever more outstanding in sexy mini skirts.

The 1m70 tall Kim was born on November 18, 1960 in the English Hertfordshire. Her father Marty Wilde was one of the biggest rockstars of the fifties. He sent Kim to a private school at first. After that Kim studied art, before she chose music as a career with the help of her brother Ricky.