‘Dream record’ brings Laurent Voulzy and Kim Wilde together

It doesn’t often happen that pop stars sing about their admiration for one another. The French artist Laurent Voulzy is an exception to this rule. He didn’t just write a song for idol Kim Wilde but also got her to play a role in his video. We went over there to take a look.

“Kim’s videos have always fascinated me”, starts Laurent Voulzy. “She is the perfect incarnation of the woman I prefer. Blonde, a little mysterious and liberated. I decided to write a song for her and called it “Nuits sans Kim Wilde”. You shouldn’t take the “Nights without Kim Wilde” literally, of course. I don’t lay awake each night because of her, it’s a bit of poetic freedom on my part.”
Laurent, who is gigantically popular in France, used all his influence to get Kim Wilde in his video for “Nuits Sans…”. Much to his surprise it was quite easy. “I sent her a tape of the song and almost immediately got a reaction”, says Laurent. “Kim phoned me and said that she was flattered by the song and wanted very much to be a guest in my video. Do I need to say I was extatic when I heard that?”
When Kim finally came to Paris for the shoot both stars got on very well. Between two takes Kim and Laurent talked a lot and then went into the city of light for a candlelit dinner.
“Fortunately Kim spoke French pretty well”, said Laurent to us. “I believe I will follow an English course. You never know whether she’ll ask me to play in one of her videos!”