Intimate details

Early life
Born: Chiswick, London, 18.11.60
School report: I used to sign them for my parents to save time.
First kiss: I remember them all! My most special memories.
Pocket money: Sixpence on Saturday.

Home life
Lives: London
Favourite foods: Sushi, cream cheese sandwiches, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian.
Hobbies: my home.
Relaxation: I’m always relaxed.
Favourite TV: Spitting Image, The Tube, Ski Sunday.
Pets: None
Clothes: From secondhand places, expensively overpriced places – anywhere.
Favourite flower: Any that grows in ponds or still water. Or any wild flowers.

Musical life
Musical influences: Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Marc Bolan, Gary Glitter, Roy Wood, Costello, Kirsty MacColl.
First record bought: Gary Glitter LP.
Funniest thing ever written about yourself: “Daughter of Marty Feldman”.
Funniest moment on stage: Saying ‘Hello Manchester’ at a gig in Birmingham, (sorry Birmingham).

Social life
Nights in: Eat, write, think, make phone calls, TV, sleep and nightmares.
Ideal night out: A fantastic film (very rare). A good friend for dinner, writing a good idea for a song.
Weekends: Saturday I keep away from shopping, catch up with bills etc. Sunday is my favourite.

Private lives
What makes you laugh: Spitting Image, Bilko, Morecambe & Wise, certain special people.
What makes you angry: British Telecom.
Faults: Too many to mention.
Lusts: Lust for life.
Desert island companion: Tarzan in Greystoke.
I wish… I didn’t know I was going to die.