Kim and Nik: ‘If only we had met earlier’

‘You probably had a lot of guys following you around in school, didn’t you Kim?’.
‘No way, Nik’, Kim answered laughing. ‘I wish it were true. No, I didn’t look very good back then. I used to have pimples, I was a bit chubby and I didn’t dress according to the latest fashion. And what about you?’
‘I was even worse off. I didn’t speak to any of the girls because I was sure I stood no chance in hell’, Nik explains honestly. ‘As you know I am a bit short and that gave me an inferiority complex pretty quickly’.
Kim and Nik looked at one another very seriously for a moment and then started laughing. Kim said: ‘It’s a pity we didn’t go to the same school, because we would probably have fallen in love!’.